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    Q: why do you want to use ESD or transient suppression diode protection circuit?

    Answer: In the past years or several years, you may leave the protection devices unit, but today´s microelectronic finish, collection of electric circuit and integrated circuit of the pin more and more;As to the generation of innovation era, whether it is a big international brand is also growing enterprise, the dividends of the pursuit of innovation;Nanotechnology application of integrated circuit, however, limited in scope, COMS more and more;Input/output interface deliverable is more and more abundant;Products provide the interface stability is particularly important, therefore, can you guarantee that your interface is safe, but it can´t protect the environment of the external interface conditions.In traditional design, on EOS, ESD, EFT, etc., the designer use different "pattern" (guardrail, ferrite, etc.) "enhanced" threat of ESD system.This method in today´s integrated circuit, the design is called "alien".With the propulsion, electronics, industrial revolution of 4.0 grade product enterprise 1 and 2 grade product enterprise companies are weighing and understand the user to the importance of time, the value of the products.In order to ensure stable and reliable products are using more quality protection device!To explain a bit, of course, when these protection device added to the BOM, there must be some cost increase, but have you ever experienced stability because of quality problems of systematic risk, or because the pain caused by the some performance of the interface or panic customer satisfaction index fell, you will certainly come to the conclusion that is worth paying the cost of the protection device, in the long run, more economical!

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