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               Anhui rhonda semiconductor co., LTD., is specialized is engaged in the semiconductor research and development, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises.The company registered capital of 10 million yuan.Early since the establishment, the company will attract a batch of have the international brand company  work experience of senior technical talent, has a strong independent r&d team in led, we focus on research and development and production of semiconductor products, products involved in industry fields, now has a complete semiconductor packaging product line, perfect after-sales service team.We always follow the "people-oriented, good for first" philosophy, adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality strives for the development, by the good faith" as the enterprise′s survival and development, with "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit" for the purpose, to "create a platform for employees, create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, bear the responsibility for the society" as our mission ", and customers through continuous innovation and development to reach the company growing. Hope we can become a very important role in the semiconductor industry.

    At present, the company leading products are: Polymer electrostatic tube, TVS tube, Transient Suppression Diodes, High power detonators, MOS tube, Power management IC, Thermistors.


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    Techonongy: 18130506130 
    Address: Hefei City Baohe District Jinxiu road of Binhu new city building 2 room 2116 Office

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