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    USB Interface
    USB Interface
            Universal Serial Bus (English: Universal Serial Bus, abbreviation: USB) is one kind of connected computer systems and peripheral equipment Serial Bus standard, also is one kind of input/output interface specification, is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices, such as information and communication products, and expand to photographic equipment, digital TV (STB), game consoles and other related fields.Latest one generation is the USB 3.1, the transmission speed of 10 gbit/s, higher voltage 5 v / 12 v / 20 v, maximum power 100 w
    DVI Interface
    DVI Interface
            DVI interface based on Silicon Image of the company's PanalLink interface technology as the foundation, based on TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling, minimize transmission Differential signal) electronic protocol as the basic electrical connections.TMDS is one kind of difference signal mechanism, can be pixel data encoding, and passed through a serial connection.Graphics produced by digital signal by the transmitter encoded according to TMDS agreement through TMDS channel is sent to the receiver, after decoding to digital display device.
    HDMI Interface
    HDMI Interface
            HDMI, namely the high definition multimedia interface, is one kind of digital video/audio interface technology, is a special digital interface is suitable for video transmission, it can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, the highest rate of 4.5 GB/s data transmission and without before signals or/d/a conversion.Can be used for blu-ray players, DVD players, PVR, digital TV (DTV), set-top boxes, game consoles and other audio and video equipment.
    VGA interface
    VGA interface
            VGA terminals (other names include RGB terminal, D - 15, sub or mini D15), is one kind of 3 rows with 15 needle DE - 15.VGA interface is the information processing by the graphics card are ultimately want to output to the display, the output of the graphics interface is a bridge between the computer and monitor, it is responsible for to display the corresponding image signal output.Usually in the computer graphics CARDS, monitors and other equipment.Is used to transmit analog signals.
    Power  interface
    Power interface
    RS485 interface
    RS485 interface
            The electrical characteristics of RS - 485: the difference signal negative logic, logic "1" to the voltage difference between the two lines is + (2 ~ 6) V;Logic "0" for the voltage difference between the two lines - (2 ~ 6) V.Interface signal level than RS - 232 - C decreased, easy damage interface circuit chip, and the level compatible with TTL level, can be convenient to TTL circuit connection.RS - 485 has the highest data transfer rate of 10 megabits per second.RS - 485 interface is using balance drive and difference, the combination of receiver, common-mode interference ability, good resistance to noise.
    Gigabit network
    Gigabit network
            Gigabit network
    USB Interface DVI Interface HDMI Interface VGA interface Power interface RS485 interface
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